I want to star in a BeastPaint video, what do I have to do?
You must have a mate or have a friend you want to film with. We will NOT act as matchmaker to bring strangers together. Couples or friends should already be sexually active so they will not be new to the sexual experience during filming. With this in mind, if you are still interested, please send us photos of the two (or more) of you. We only paint bodies in our location, which is near to Utrecht, Netherlands (Western Europe). If you are planning to visit the city, we will make arrangements to paint and film. Time to paint each body is approximately 3 hours, so be ready for an 8 hour experience total. We will provide distractions such as DVD and video games during the painting process.

I have my own camera, will you buy my movies?
No, we only feature material we shoot ourselves. However, if you are an expert body painter, please do contact us.

If I star in a video for BeastPaint.com, will I be paid?
Please contact us for more details on our terms and requirements.

What species of animals will be represented in the future?
We will paint ANY interesting species markings, with focus on mammals: big cats, canine/vulpine, and others of interest. The titles of our movies are simple, they indicate the species only, the first animal listed is the guy who is doing the "topping". If you want to be in one of our movies, and have a particular species you want to be painted, make sure it has interesting markings that are fairly unique. All black, for instance, would be rather boring. We will also paint marine mammal, reptile, various sea creatures, and others, as the interest of the participants and site subscribers dictates.

Video candidates, please send us an e-mail.

What type of paint is used on the models?
It's permanent tattoo. You must choose your species very carefully, because you will stay that way for the rest of your days! No, just joking. We use an alcohol based paint that does not rub off or smear. The paint lasts 2-4 days on oily skin, 7-10 days on dry skin. Each body is different. The paint comes off contact and moist areas first, armpits, groin, inner thighs. The paint lasts longest on the back, arms, lower legs. Whenever possible, we use water base paint on faces for easier removal, as those paints use soap and water cleanup. When head hair is to be painted, only water based paint is used. Alcohol based paint comes off with either baby oil or alcohol, and generally with a fair amount of scrubbing needed. While it is possible to completely remove all traces of the paint in one session of cleaning, it is not a brief or easy task.

Please note: Due to the extreme graphic sexual nature of our website, all participants featured in any photographs, video, or other images are 18 or older at the time images were taken.

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